In the bustling hustle leading up to the festive season, we were commissioned by Wyncor with an objective to capture the attention of parents and gift-givers across four vibrant territories, all while shining a spotlight on three of Wyncor/Miraculous flagship products.

From a vast pool of over 500 creators, we meticulously selected 42 influencers to lead the charge in our campaign. Our priority? Aligning with creators who resonated deeply with our target audience: mothers of young children with followings ranging from 10-20K, predominantly located within their respective territories. Their followership was predominantly comprised of female parents with daughters aged 5-9 years old.

The results? Nothing short of extraordinary. Our campaign not only surpassed competitor brands like Hatchimals, Mini Brands, and Disney but also shattered industry standards for engagement rates, boasting an impressive 5.3%. Social media pundits typically consider a 1% engagement rate acceptable, with 5% hailed as exceptional—our campaign soared beyond even this lofty benchmark.

One standout collaborator blew expectations out of the water, single-handedly generating a jaw-dropping 1.1M impressions and over 11,000 engagements—an undeniable testament to the resonance and impact of our campaign. However, in the pursuit of precision, we recalibrated our data, excluding this outlier.

Upon closer examination, the results remained nothing short of stellar with a live campaign engagement rate of 12.13%, showcasing the collective impact of our collaboration

These figures underscore the power of our approach, not only affirming the effectiveness of our chosen influencers but also reaffirming the enduring allure of the Wyncor/Miraculous brand and its products.

By harnessing the strength of targeted influencer partnerships and crafting compelling content, we not only elevated awareness but also fostered genuine engagement, setting a new gold standard for holiday marketing prowess.

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